A traditional boat builder by training, NOVOBOATS (Jochem Voogt) branched out into bespoke outdoor furniture made from reclaimed timber as well as crafting one-off wooden paddle-boards for watersports enthusiasts wanting something unique. Both endeavours were so successful that they rapidly became his primary business. To reflect this he needed to reposition his brand and develop a new website showcasing these beautiful products.

After spending time in NOVOBOATS’ workshop and getting to know Jochem, I was struck by the beauty of the products as well as his workshop’s surroundings. Jochem is passionate about both so it seemed fitting to design the site around visuals of these as they, and Jochem’s passion are the soul of the business. 

I also updated the identity with a bespoke logotype and introduced a rope motif referencing the company’s naval origins.

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