RCI Welcome pack

RCI is a division of Wyndham Worldwide, and the world’s largest holiday timeshare company, and as such their business has an ongoing requirement to welcome and educate new members. This has largely kept pace with technical advances over the years, but some members still prefer something tangible requiring a solution that works across different media types, while maintaining the consistent brand image so important in this highly competitive sector.

I applied RCI’s comprehensive identity faithfully, making extensive use of their photo library to complement the infographics and typography. While the pack is made up several items, the Welcome book is the primary element, so I created a print and a digital, tablet-friendly version giving new members the option of learning about their membership in the medium of their choice.

ProjectIntegrated membership welcome packServicesCreative direction, Digital design, Web development, Print & Packaging designLinkwww.evansand.co.uk

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